ANT4HG is an ANT task for HG ( mercurial ) , a distributed source control management system.

You can use ant4hg :

  • as a build tool, in your ant scripts,
  • as a Java API (see ant4hg API ).

Latest version is ant4hg V0.8.1 It has been released with ant 1.8.4 and hg 2.0.2 .


ANT4HG aims to support all mercurial functionalities.


  • [2012-12-16] mercurial ant task V0.8.1 is available for download .

  • [2012-12-01] mercurial ant task V0.8.0 released

  • [2010-05-10] mercurial ant task V0.07 released.
    Added features : f011-export
  • [2009-11-29] mercurial ant task V0.06 released.
    Updated features : f008-clone, f009-pull, f010-push
  • [2009-09-24] mercurial ant task V0.05 released.

    New features : f008-clone, f009-pull, f010-push
    (added to f001-init, f002-status, f003-log, f004-add, f005-remove, f006-commit, f007-update)

  • [2009-07-07] mercurial ant task V0.04 released.
  • [2009-05-27] mercurial ant task V0.03 released.
  • [2009-04-15] mercurial ant task V0.02 released.